We will create a concept which will change your business

These are the techniques of The Concept Of Art.



We will create a philosophical concept that changes your MarCom.
Thus, your product will be perceived as an artistic artifact that is worth having.

LOGO tCoA.indd


Originality and individuality. We are returning to the roots of art.
We design artistic treasures. Logo = Art


We create special moments which remain in the minds of clients and customers.
We work with emotion – sentiment, excitement, humor and passion.


We will build an impressive web presentation or innovate a current one.
Appearance and functionality matter in this case.
We will not forget to include quality content that will draw your customers into the action.


Make use of online performance campaigns which will bring clear and measurable results.
Get an overview of your potential clients and reach them across the internet at an acceptable cost vs. profit ratio.


We will organize your thoughts and data into sophisticated reports that will make life easier and improve the overview you need.
Have more free time and enjoy life & art at the very best.




We will transform the look of your vehicle. We will paint the bodywork perfectly and we will bring back the lost harmony to the interior of your car. The feeling when driving will change once and for good. We change the appearance of cars younger than from the year 1995.



Draw new life inspiration from the works of The Concept Of Art.
Expect stories, emotions and experiences based on real events.
The book Love Paris is currently to be found in the Czech-Slovak bookshops – Love on the edge by Yan J. Bulka.